Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm not going back

Bright Star

I believe that my Philosophy of Race/Class/Gender class should be a requirement for all undergraduates.  I think it gives students a wonderful knowledge of oppression and privilege.  A big section that I am most interested in is heterosexism.  I love learning about WHY people are homophobic and finding a solution to it.
My mind has been constantly changing with this class.  I am learning so much that I feel is so very vitally important for everyone else to experience and know as well.  If we educate people, maybe we wouldn't have all this ignorance and name calling.
On another note, I received an "A" on my Philosophy of Arts test!  I was so excited to see that "A" too!  My T.A. is super cool.  I got him to check my paper before I turned it in, fixed my errors, and received my "A."  And it feels great.
I also would love to see the movie "Bright Star" in the near future.  Just as a heads up!  A story full of John Keats and his lover Fanny?  Yeah, you know you can count me in any Romanticism-era film.


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